Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Off He Goes!

Today is June 16, 2009. I have been dreading it for weeks now. Why you may ask? Well, it is the day my husband of 52 days leaves to go to Peru for a mission trip. Boo. I am not a fan. Yes, I am a fan of mission trips. Yes, I am glad he gets to go experience the Peruvian way of life, but I am not a fan of him leaving me...after being with someone pretty much day in and day out for 52 days, it is hard to see him go.

He and a team of nine other people are going to work with the Latin American Children's Fund in Chiclayo, Peru. They will be building a science "wing" for an area school.

Pray that the Lord will magnify Himself in their lives. Pray for the team's safety and unity as they have a few unpleasant red-eye flights in front of themselves. Pray for hearts to be opened.
Pray for doors to be opened. May the remember that the work they are doing is work of the Lord.

Karin T. Swihart (still not used to that new last name! But I like it...)

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