Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Time moves by so slowly

Well, only eight more sleeps until Ben returns. I am counting sleeps because, well, it seems that sleeping alone in our new bed (thanks Denver Mattress Co.) is what I hate the most about Ben being away.

It was a quite a time of adjustment when Ben and I first got to shared a bed (yea, marriage!) I will admit that it is a little annoying sometimes to share a bed...having someone steal your covers, throwing their covers on you so you get extremely hot, a kick here, a punch there (yes, one time Ben punched me in the middle of the night but I am a really heavy sleep and didn't really even notice- perhaps that was due to being knocked out...) but NOT having someone there, seems to be a bit worse. He should be there, but instead he is sleeping in a room in Peru.

I am currently sleeping with the kitchen light on because Campbell Hall is a very creepy place at night, especially when you are only one of three people who are living on campus. I have slowly started getting accustomed to the noise, creaks, squeaks and groans...Only real scary moment was when the power went out the other night. I was in the "man room" at about 11:45 pm working on the magazine and the power just cut out. First thought in my head was that this was how horror movies start. Yup, those good ol' Scream classics coming up to bite me. But luckily after calling her a few times, Christine answered letting me know that the power was out at home too. And then it came on about 10 minutes later.
Perhaps this time alone is doing me some good. The independent person in me has been reborn. When you have someone to take care of you, like say, a husband, you become dependant upon them to assist you in this thing called life. Perhaps I have been too lax when it comes to taking care of myself versus letting Ben take care of me. Guess there is a balancing act that needs to take place.

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