Wednesday, September 9, 2009

And he's off again...

Well, Ben's gone again. Seems I only find time to write on this blog when he is gone. Guess its cause I love spending so much time with him! :) Right now Ben is in Dallas, Texas with some students from my dad's worship class. They are spending some time at a conference and needed a driver so off Ben went. He is always up for a vacation! is an update on the Swihart life in Sterling. While school has only been in session for two weeks, I finally feel like life has a bit of a routine to it which is really nice. We are now adjusting to life with 80 plus students sharing our house. It has already been an adventure with some frustrations such as the techno-loving, music making freshman living in the rooms right outside our bedroom, but we are loving our new life together. Despite their loud music (wow, that comment makes me feel like an old person) they are a group of great guys.

Ben and I each get to participate in chapel alternatives this year. Some students are not a fan of the 14 chapel credits they have to get each semester by going to Wednesday or Sunday chapels SO, SC offers some alternatives. For a third semester, Ben will be leading the Alpha group along with some other SC folk and I will be co-leading Praxis with Melissa. We are both extremly excited and can't wait to see how the Lord will stretch and grow us through these experiences.

Ben is finally glad that school has started because life was pretty crazy during RA training and orientation. He has three really great RA's and a group of awesome prayer leaders and chaplains. He can tell you more about his job...

Work is going pretty well for me. I am going to be changing a few "procedures" in the marketing office. We always feel like we are two steps behind and can never catch, I am working on a new marketing plan to combat that issue so we can actually do our job as the marketing communications office of Sterling College. I am really excited. Now if I could just find enough time to actually write that plan...

Some other exciting news for us is that we got a new car! Scary, I know. We were blessed with a clunker to turn into cash so during orientation Ben, myself and my parents went to the Kia dealership and purchased a Kia Optima. We got an amazing deal. God is so good. Now we just have to adjust our budget to pay for this thing. We went and got the tags yesterday and MY were they expensive...darn state property tax!

Well, off to bed!


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