Monday, June 28, 2010

Uganda Residency - 2010

For the next three weeks, Ben and I are in Kampala, Uganda for the residency portion of our respective master's program. We left on June 23 and will return July 15. I am getting an MA in Organizational Leadership and Ben is getting his MA in International Development.

Ben is taking 15 credit hours while I am taking only 12 as I have already started finished some of my courses. Ben’s courses include: Theology of Poverty, Community Development, Economic Development of Developing Countries, Social Entrepreneurship Planning and Marketing, and Leadership and Empowerment. My classes are: Applied Research and Evaluation, Marketing, Communications and Fundraising for the NGO, Cross-Cultural Skills and Understanding, and Advocacy and Human Rights (and Public Policy).

So far, we are having a wonderful time. We haven’t started classes yet, but they will begin tomorrow. We have been listening to some orientation meetings, doing some pre-residency work but mostly getting to know our classmates and a few of the professors. We are really amazed at the people we are with. Four of our classmates work for IJM! Many are from all over the world serving in a variety of NGO’s. We have learned so much in just these past four days, and we haven’t even started class!

Ben has made some really great and potential life-long friends already. He states that never in his life has he been around so many like-minded people. It is pretty invigorating for him.

Eastern University has done a really good job taking care of us. Our accommodations are great, food is wonderful, our campus is beautiful, etc. We are truly blessed to have this experience. Thank you all so much for supporting us in this endeavor.

Love always,
Ben and Karin


  1. So glad to hear how things are going. Look forward to following you along on this amazing journey! Hope this experience is beyond wonderful!

  2. soo fabulous!!! the Lord is good and i'm glad you are connecting with amazing people!