Monday, June 28, 2010

Uganda Residency - 2010

Here are some pictures of our experience so far:

Eating a late night snack as we were packing late into the night and doing our pre-residency homework.

Mom got Ben some 'Africa' gear for his first trip to Africa. Too bad TSA wouldn't let him bring it on the plane.

On the plane in ATL waiting to go to Amsterdam eating Cinnabon...we almost missed our flight because Ben HAD to have Cinnabon and Burger King one last time...
In Amsterdam we saw an ad for Amarula! Ben took a picture for Mom. 
Ben playing basketball in Uganda. He was rock star this game.
He nearly took out his good friend Bill.
But he made a few threes!
The soccer field at the International School of Uganda. This is where we are taking our classes. It is such a beautiful campus. I will post more later.
There are LOTS and LOTS of stairs around the campus. Kampala consists of a million hills, many that we have to walk up and down each day, multiple times.

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