Sunday, January 16, 2011


While Ben and I were dating, one of those special moments between the two of us was the connection we made on the issue of adoption. We both shared how at some point in our lives we wanted to adopt a child, or even many children. Yes, we wanted to still have our own, but we realize the importance called upon us to take care of the orphans. For me, it was one of those extra confirmations from the Lord that this was my partner for life. 

As we are nearing our two year anniversary in April, we have been thinking more and more about kids. No, we don't feel the timing is right yet, but we have been discussing it more. A few families within our world have or are in the process of adopting. As I hear their stories, I feel that nudge in my heart that someday, we may be going through the same process and share our story.

There are so many different thoughts and concerns floating through our heads, but we are dreaming. Dreaming of the possibilities as we float towards this God-given plan and directive for our lives. Some countries require you to be 35 years of age...Others require you be married for 10 years before you can adopt...Some require you to be 19 years older than the age of the child you are adopting...some have really no restrictions at all...

So right now we are just praying. Praying about the country, praying about the timing, praying about our future (perhaps still unborn) little one or even ones! Please join us in prayer but not just for our journey, but for all the children in orphanges around the world filled with children dreaming of their family.

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