Monday, March 7, 2011

The Jesus Creed

Ben and I are reading a new couple's devotional called "Closer" by Jim and Cathy Burns. There are 52 devotionals that can you go through so each Sunday we read one together. This week's one was called "The Jesus Creed." Essentially it breaks apart Matthew 23: 36-40 - as the summary of how to live a Christian life. It suggests that as a couple you go through this verse as a 'check-up' for how things are going and ask yourself these three questions:
1. Is my heart for God growing or shrinking? (Love God)
2. Am I in a right relationship with my spouse? Others? (Love Others)
3. Am I physically and emotionally healthy? If not, what is holding me back? (Love Yourself)

I really thought this was a great read for the two of us. We have both committed to a few changes that we need to make in our lives in order to fully live out Matthew 23...Amen.

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