Monday, January 2, 2012

Pre-Baby Bucket List

As Ben and I continue on our journey, we keep feeling this desire to start our own family. From spending time with family and their little ones to reading the adoption story of one of Ben's co-workers, the warm feeling is there. However, for some reason we both agree that the time isn't right just yet for us to add a new little bundle to our family.  

Until the "right" time arrives (whatever that even means...) we have a few things we have talked about doing before we start adding little ones to our family. As we began talking about things we wanted to do, we had the idea to create a bucket list of sorts. Oddly enough when we googled it, we realized we weren't alone in this thought! In fact, lots of people have created lists like the one we made. Here is a link to one that had some great ideas we decided to duplicate! 

Below is the first attempt to our growing/ever-changing list: 

-- Travel and Adventure Dreams --
  1. Travel to Latin America
  2. Go on a cruise
  3. Spend a week vacation somewhere tropical/warm and without the outside world distracting us
-- Life's Randoms Stuff --

  1. Take a cooking class together
  2. Take a wine tasting course
  3. Learn 5 good, healthy and easy meals
  4. Complete our master's degrees
  5. Make our wedding scrapbook 
-- Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise --

  1. Add healthier foods to our diet
  2. Go on a hot air ballon ride
  3. Go to Disney World
  4. Establish a budget and track spending for a year
  5. Pay off our student loans
  6. Write our will
  7. Build up a 5 month emergency fund
  8. Start contributing money monthly to a Roth IRA and Retirement Fund
  9. Complete a Bible reading plan
  10. Be active in a ministry 
  11. Pray actively for our marriage and each other 
  12. Finally complete a Couple's Devotional book (we have started about 3 different ones...)
  13. Read one book a month (Post-Grad School reading)
Yes, we know the chances of us completing all of this is well, pretty slim. But, hey, at least we have written it down and if needed, can merge into our life's bucket list. 

Ben and I finally got our iPod set up...yea for technology and pictures! 

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  1. How awesome and cute. You guys can do all those things rather quickly! Miss you tons!