Thursday, March 1, 2012

Leadership Conference

Last weekend Ben and I were able to attend the Tobias Leadership Conference in Colorado Springs. My graduate school professor emailed us about a variety of conferences that were available to Eastern students. Ben and I jumped at the chance to go, especially after they shared we could receive a scholarship to help us the with the costs. Seeing this a great chance to connect and get reinvigorated for leadership studies post the graduate school reading hangover, we decided to go! We also had an opportunity to invite four students to join us as Ben has been working with the co-curricular side of things for the college's honor's students and thought this would be a great experience for them.

We listened to so many wonderful lectures including a lecture by two different groups from Eastern University. The session on Saturday morning was led by Dr. Sharon and Dr. Faith. Both Ben and I had Dr. Faith as our professor for Applied Research and Evaluation. Dr. Sharon taught my very first master's class, Leadership and Empowerment, which was probably the most intense course I have ever  taken.

Here is a picture of Ben and the students who joined us at the Garden of the God's. It, too, was a great and very beautiful experience.

I had never been to Pike's Peak (nor had a lot of the group) so we took the scenic route up the mountain. Due to high winds we were not able to make it to the top. However, we made it up to marker 13 which was still plenty high. Here is a picture of us outside of the gift shop. Boy was it chilly once we got up there! It was also incredibly beautiful.

Ben and I are very thankful for the opportunity. We were able to stay with some Sterling College alumni so we didn't have to pay for housing. It was an incredible blessing and wonderful time of growth. 

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