Thursday, March 1, 2012

Love Month

February is a wonderfully packed Love month for the Swiharts. Though short, this month holds both of our birthdays, Valentine's Day, and also is the month of our very first date. Now to most, the first date day is not very significant after you have been married. However, our is pretty unique...but more on that later.

Here is what our month looked like:
Week One:  Ben's birthday (February 3) - This year we decided to celebrate both our birthdays with a joint murder mystery dinner party with some of our friends. Neither one of us had ever participated in a murder mystery and in leu of spending money on getting gifts for each other, we decided to host a party for 20 or so of our friends. It was a really great time. Lots of food, drinks and laughter was had by all. We definitely look forward to doing something like this in the future. My only regret was we didn't get any photos!

Week Two:  Valentine's Day (February 14) - This year we wanted to just have a quiet evening to ourselves. It was really perfect. We went to the grocery store for supplies. As we walked around, we came upon 6 chocolate covered strawberries for $9.00!!!! Well, being the cash-contious people we strive to be, we knew we could do it for much much less. Enter in the Ben and Karin version of chocolate strawberries.  Next time we will work a little more on making them look good.

We made some garlic roasted potatoes, chicken with a pear glaze and some steamed carrots. We then decided to just lounge around and watch TV. 

The next day we also were able to make it down to The Anchor, an amazing bar/restaurant in Wichita that Ben and I love to frequent. They had an amazing Chocolate Ale that Ben adored and well, I did too. It was just amazing. 

Week Three: Karin's birthday (February 20). Ben had a talent show that he participated in on my birthday meaning that we didn't do much on the exact day. Rather, Ben surprised me the next day with an amazing dinner. Ben cooked a roasted tomato and chicken pasta dish. It was just amaaazing. Ben did a great job surprising me, something he often isn't able to do... Here is a picture of the great dinner and the beautiful rose he got me:

Week Four: First day of our first date (February 29). Ben and I had our first date four years ago on leap year day. Thus, having never been able to celebrate on February 29th, we were excited to actually celebrate the day despite already being married! We were in Wichita and treated ourselves to the Olive Garden. Addie gave us a gift card for Christmas so it was nice being able to use it for this special occasion. I also was able to experience a first. Having not been in a city during my teen/driving days, I had never experienced a fresh hot Krispy Kreme doughnut. Well, Ben being the romantic (for food) that he is, treated me to my first "hot off the press" Krispy Kreme. Technically, the people at Krispy Kreme treated me because they hand out complimentary doughnuts when you walk in, but it was Ben's idea for a fun dessert. All I can say is that is literally melts away in your mouth. It was a great experience. However, I think I prefer a few hours old Krispy Kreme...or maybe that was just because the dozen we bought provided extra sustenance for our hour drive back home...

It has been a busy month. We are sure ready for a less busy March as we enter into a much needed spring breather.


  1. First I'm so sad I just now noticed you have a blog! Secondly, thanks for visiting! We love you both, equally, though some of us more than others. I think you know who I mean. :)

  2. Ha! I have only recently been blogging more. I always "write" blogs in my head and so for sanity's sake, I need to write more!
    We had a blast this past weekend. Such a good break from all the stuff at home.