Monday, April 16, 2012

Spiritual Formation Memoirs: Chapter 1

It was actually very enlightening to go back through and read through some of my spiritual formation class papers. I am mere weeks away from graduating and walking across the stage at Eastern University. Seeing as I got married in April 2009, and started my first year of spiritual formation in October 2009, most of my journaling and unit papers seem to have reflected a self-discovery of who I am as a married woman, or, (however cliché it may sound as this is the title of this course) how my spiritual formation has grown the last four years. I took the liberty of assigning a title to each subject as almost each one of these could be a chapter in the “memoirs” of these spiritual formation classes.

Chapter One: “The Battle between Good and Evil - Round One: Me, myself and I vs. He, Himself and I Am.”
This chapter of my “memoirs” would include major items taken from unit 8 and 9. It was through examining some of the cardinal sins that I deeply saw how pride and selfishness seems to win out a lot more in my life than I would like to admit. Or, as a matter of fact, that the Lord has shown this to me for many years and that I selfishly haven’t listened. My evil ways have suffocated me for years. However, both units eight and nine helped push me to read more about my pride, but also discover why I was behaving in prideful ways. My actions were based on my misperception of who I am, my fear of allowing myself to be who God created me to be and how to submit to His endless love in knowing the person He made me to be, is not a prideful person trying to fight off others in this world by not wanting to look weak, but rather, being content in who He is in my life to which my view of self would be seen through a different lens, thus killing my pride.
In light of what I have learned in this course, I have concluded that I need to…keep fighting the good fight. I need less of me, and more of him. I know that this will be a continual battle, but one in which Good will conquer evil.

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