Monday, April 16, 2012

Spiritual Formation Memoirs: Chapter 3

Chapter Three: “Shut up and Listen: Hearing Aids the Christian Way.”
         The first unit that I experienced was with solitude and silence. During my late teens, early twenties, I was noticing the Lord’s gift of prophesy show up. I dismissed it as coincidences and often shrugged things off. However, it wasn’t until I went on a leadership retreat that had us spend time in silence and solitude, that I actually saw a real manifestation of prophesy and my role as one who has been given this spiritual gift. I am given the chance to be God’s messenger. I was given a vision that couple, who had struggled to become pregnant, was being blessed for their faithfulness and would conceive. It was only in “forced” silence that I realized how I needed to spend more time listening to God, rather than talking at/to God.
        In light of what I have learned in this course, I have concluded that I need to…keep shutting up. I still, to this day, get frustrated at my lack of using my spiritual gift only to be reminded of a simple lesson. The best way to hear God is by using His gift of silence simply because no one likes to yell to get someone’s attention. It is hard to listen to someone else when I keep talking. The best hearing aid comes from simply being quiet. 

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