Monday, April 16, 2012

Spiritual Formation Memoirs: Chapter 4

Chapter Four: “Fasting: There Ain’t No Skinny about It.” 

Most of what I gained from unit four was not what the workbook shared, but rather what my professor, Dr. Gittens, lectured to us about. This lecture was really comforting because he shared different ways for us to fast in different periods of our lives. He shared what fasting can do, as well as what fasting is not. Bottom line: Fasting is not an “easy” spiritual diet. Rather, it is a way to help us eat our way through the “meats and bones”and obstacles of this world through surrendering our fleshly desires for His heavenly touch.
In light of what I have learned in this course, I have concluded that I need to…pay attention to seasons of my life that are calling me to fast. What do I need to give up, in order to surrender myself more fully to the Lord and His ways? I need to prayerfully ask this question. 

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