Bucket List

The husband and I created a pre-baby bucket list of things we would like to do before we have children. You can read the whole story behind the list here.

-- Travel and Adventure Dreams --

  1. Travel to Latin America
  2. Spend a week vacation somewhere tropical/warm and without the outside world distracting us  Completed May 2012!!!
  3. Go to Disney World  Completed May 2012!!!

-- Life's Randoms Stuff --

  1. Take a cooking class together
  2. Take a wine tasting course
  3. Learn 5 good, healthy and easy meals
  4. Complete our master's degrees  Completed May 2012 - MA in Org Lead (Karin) MA in International Development (Ben)
  5. Make our wedding scrapbook 

    -- Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise --

    1. Add healthier foods to our diet
    2. Establish a budget and track spending for a year
    3. Pay off our student loans
    4. Write our will
    5. Build up a 5 month emergency fund
    6. Start contributing money monthly to a Roth IRA and Retirement Fund
    7. Complete a Bible reading plan
    8. Be active in a ministry 
    9. Pray actively for our marriage and each other 
    10. Finally complete a Couple's Devotional book (we have started about 3 different ones...)
    11. Read one book a month (Post-Grad School reading)

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